Blooming small beginnings

Things are moving at the speed of light. Business. Interest in my business. Things are HApPeNInG! It is such an exciting, energetic, creative time I am just bubbling over with ExCiTeMent!

Just a quick summary of my thoughts and events over the past 6 months;

July – Just quit my job, have an idea of what to do next, I’m getting married on 30 August 2014 (to the man of my dreams I might add!). The what to do next is giving me a head ache. Doing some consulting work on the side. Let’s just plan our beautiful wedding! Whoohooo wedding planning starts!

August – Man oh man wedding planning was awesome (thankful it is done though!) and our wedding day was spectacular! #IcanDoWithAHoneymoonBreak!

September – WHOOOHOOOOO Honeymoon for a month! Croatia baby! The most epic holiday of my life. See, sun, love, fun, discovering islands on a scooter, diving in the Mediterranean, visiting Blue and Green caves, Dubrovnik’s symphonic orchestra in the Rectors’s Palace under a blanket of stars, eating ice-cream hand in hand, kayaking, cycling, national parks, BEaUtY!

October – What to do, what to do? Finishing up with the consulting work.

November – Receive my first cheese kit on how to make cheese. Juli, my sister-in-law also showed me how she makes yoghurt with cultures….there and then I started making cheese and yoghurt feverishly. I LOVE IT! EUREKA! I HAVE found what I love to do…..baking, cooking, making your own preservative free, healthy food and using the herbs in your garden to zhoosh up your cheesy creations! People HAVE to know about this!

Home made Yoghurt Cream cheese in the making       Ricotta Ravioli in the making
Ricotta Ravioli

December – Roadtrip with Dad down to Cape Town, after 12 hours on the open road I have a business name; Crafty Cultures. I first wanted to name it Funky Fungi, with the logo; It’ll grow on you. However after long conversations with myself I established the most liked name to be; Crafty Cultures. During the rest of the roadtrip I had my write pad and pen in hand – Dad gave me insights into business that put me 3 years ahead of anybody trying to start their own thing; Note to self (and to whoever out there wants a tip); get a business mentor in the field you are endeavoring to go into. It’ll save you time and money and hard lessons learnt. Life really is too short to make all your own mistakes!Beautiful cheese!Ricotta cheese cakeRicotta Apricot Delights         My first Ricotta!

I am still baking and cooking and making cheese like a crazy person! Ricotta was the very first cheese I made, then came cottage cheese and cream cheese, feta, halloumi and gouda! You are probably thinking now; “but how does it taste?” To be totally honest and very unbiased; The Ricotta, Cottage cheese, Cream cheese and Halloumi is better than you’ll find in the fanciest of boutique shop! My very unbiased family and friends also bears testimony to this….however my Feta and Gouda totally sucked! Ok, but that is what happens when you make cheese late at night and start skipping steps…February is the month that I will be correcting and perfecting my Feta and Gouda cheese making skills.

During the December holidays, I started my facebook page; Crafty Cultures, I started this blog, and I put an advert out for the first class I will present on the 27th of January 2015!

January – January 2015 is the month that has been recorded in my memory as the most exciting month of my working life (ok, so maybe this comes second to the time I was in a rock fall episode in an underground Namibian mine… however)

In the first week I imported various things from America, Europe and China. I am now officially the only person in South Africa that provides Cultures for Health’s products. It’s an American company that is VERY in touch with health trends. Go check them out;

I registered my business, sat down with a graphic designer to work on the corporate look & feel, opened a business account and started working on my company website, which will very soon be launching…

Further more I had fun doing some R&D in the shops….SHOPPING for my first Ricotta course that’ll take place on the 27th of January!

My husband and I contemplated moving a plant yesterday (the plant is called a ‘Yesterday-today-tomorrow’)  that was not flowering as it should be now due to its current shade-sun situation. We really didn’t want to move it because it looked so pretty in that specific spot. It dawned on me;  sometimes we are in such a comfortable spot, we might even look good in the position but if we look close we’ll notice that we have stopped blossoming and blooming and that is then the time when a new season has started and will require of you to pick up your courage and move.

Till next time,


Mini Ricotta cheese cakes

The first blogpost

So in June this year I quit my job. It was no small thing I tell you. People frowned and asked questions that made me feel irresponsible. I quite liked it, not the questions or the frowning but that feeling of irresponsibility.

I have always had daydreams of throwing caution to the wind, climbing on the nearest plane to go and pursue a waitressing career in Madrid where I could flamboyantly and fluently speak Spanish and drive a Vespa. But alas my short lived dreams of no responsibility, sangria and an absolute carefree life got knee haltered by the left side of my brain.

My engineering degree and the grace of God landed me in the mining industry for the last 6 years. I had a blast of a time, no pun intended, but during the last few months of corporate life the entrepreneur inside of me started growing seeds of discontentment as to what I was doing with my life.

This blog is aimed at sharing my story of becoming an entrepreneur in a transparent way, from the very start, for you to be encouraged sometimes through bravery, sometimes through my stupidity, to learn from my mistakes and to remind yourself to not despise small beginnings. And furthermore this blog will definitely aim to increase awareness with what my business is all about so feel free to spread the word.

So in the following few blogs I’ll tell you the short story of what happened during my past 6 months and how I came to own my own business, Crafty Cultures.