The first blogpost

So in June this year I quit my job. It was no small thing I tell you. People frowned and asked questions that made me feel irresponsible. I quite liked it, not the questions or the frowning but that feeling of irresponsibility.

I have always had daydreams of throwing caution to the wind, climbing on the nearest plane to go and pursue a waitressing career in Madrid where I could flamboyantly and fluently speak Spanish and drive a Vespa. But alas my short lived dreams of no responsibility, sangria and an absolute carefree life got knee haltered by the left side of my brain.

My engineering degree and the grace of God landed me in the mining industry for the last 6 years. I had a blast of a time, no pun intended, but during the last few months of corporate life the entrepreneur inside of me started growing seeds of discontentment as to what I was doing with my life.

This blog is aimed at sharing my story of becoming an entrepreneur in a transparent way, from the very start, for you to be encouraged sometimes through bravery, sometimes through my stupidity, to learn from my mistakes and to remind yourself to not despise small beginnings. And furthermore this blog will definitely aim to increase awareness with what my business is all about so feel free to spread the word.

So in the following few blogs I’ll tell you the short story of what happened during my past 6 months and how I came to own my own business, Crafty Cultures.


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